No news is… well, uh, no news.

That’s where we are. Still no new, still no progress. Now however, we have no one to “blame” but ourselves. I’ve been working in the yard and garden a lot and so haven’t actually given a tremendous amount of thought to our bathroom problem. We did get the tub surround properly caulked last week and the amount of water dribbling into the space behind the surround has significantly decreased. PHEW! And, I did take the lights off the wall that needs to come down.

I also did one difficult task relating to the bathroom: I went to talk to the granite counter fabricator. And, they were WONDERFUL. They have my sinks in storage and they were able to show me the countertop, all cut and polished and waiting for me. It has beautiful steel reinforcements on the front edge, the edge where we all lean when we are brushing hair, flossing, doing make up etc. It makes me want to hurry up with that wall so they can come do the installation and we can have this lovely counter.

I also think one of these rainy days I am going to head up to Providence to Restoration Hardware and choose some pulls/knobs for the vanity.

I know I say “one step at a time” a lot, but in this instance, I totally mean it.

Pictures to come again someday.


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