Today is the day we’re starting the “bad wall” in the renovated bathroom. The wall behind the (not level) new vanity, the vanity without a counter or sinks. This is the wall with potential electrical problems because:

  1. the contractor ran electrical wires OVER studs
  2. the contractor capped live wires and buried them in a box in the wall
  3.  we don’t know how the contractor split the one outlet’s wires into wiring for two outlets
Worst case scenario is that we will have to take out the vanity cabinets (thank goodness there are no counters, no sink.)
UPDATE: We have hit the worst case scenario
Contractor not only ran  live wires over the studs behind the vanity where we knew he did it,  but also here in the wall with this buried junction box. These wired were just hanging there. And we are wondering why exactly he chose to insulate this wall… combined with the bad electric, this is a HUGE  potential fire risk. I swear it’s like he did all this on purpose.

Electric wire over studs, interior wall insulation, free hanging junction box.

Close up of the same

Once again I wonder why no one wants me to make a formal complaint. I really think we have no choice but TO make a complaint. And to the fact that this contractor wants me to let him know before I file a complaint, I have one thing to say: “Fuck you.”


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