Traveling is _________________ .

Stressful. Tiring. Adventurous. Noisy. Dry.

You can fill in the  blank with whatever traveling is for you.  We had fun at the airports, people watching. It’s amazing to see all the different sizes, shapes, colors that people come in. It’s fun to identify the different languages spoken or to translate a bit when we understand the language being spoken. We noticed that all the women who wore their sunglasses indoors were also wearing high heels. We noticed that those men wearing pants slightly too tight and too small, always seemed to be European (American men were typically wearing big shorts or baggie sweats and flip flops.) And here is what a typical American teenage boy looks like, at the airport:

Andrew and the iPod

We made it out of Boston and in to France. We ate delicious French patisseries and I had a lovely cafe. We slept on the flight from Paris to Barcelona. Navigating the Barcelona airport was not a problem: with signs in three languages and very obvious pictures, we would have to have been idiots -or very sleep deprived- not to “get it.” Bags retrieved and taxi hired, we were at our hotel in NO time.

Hotel Universal Barcelona on the Avinguda del Paral·lel. We arrived by 3 pm. Unpacked, cleaned up and walked for a while, finding our hotel very centrally located with easy walking to many sights and stores.

It's a small room, but very centrally located and clean.

Hotel room


2 responses to “Traveling is _________________ .

  1. Jackie Duvall

    Hi Kristin,
    Great pictures and descriptions. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for letting us follow your trip! Jackie Duvall

  2. You’re welcome Jackie!
    Andrew was really sad not to finish the season with his baseball team but this trip has been so wonderful.
    We have a couple more days before we’re home. I wish I could blog more but from the ship (the second week
    has been travel by cruise to the different Italian ports) – but it links by satellite and it is both hideously slow
    and horrendously expensive!
    I will start posting pictures and details when we ‘re back in E.G. early next week.

    Enjoy and thanks for commenting!

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