Here are a few of my favorite things, in Barcelona!

I love that the city is not just infinitely walkable, that there is fantastic and cheap public transportation and dedicated “alternate wheel” lanes: for bicycles, mopeds and other small wheels. We’ve seen skateboarders, roller skaters and recumbant cyclists too.

I love that the bars open at 7 a.m., the same time the night clubs close. I love that some people start drinking beer then, too! 

I love that vegetables are served at breakfast, and instead of orange juice, there is melon juice. And that I saw someone mix tomato and orange juice  this morning.

I love there are escalators in (some) of the hillsides and foot bridges over highways and busy roads.




I love that there are structures here (mostly walls and churches) dating back THOUSANDS of years.

Capella Reial de Santa Àgata (14th century): The base of the chapel is part of the wall of the old Roman city Barcino (4 a.d.)

Close-up of part of the Roman wall (4 a.d.), supporting Capella Reial de Santa Àgata.

I love the Boqueria market where you can find seemingly ANY ingredient ever, right down to the fresh spices. Where there were sheep heads and calf brains and cow stomachs, goat legs, endless rows of seafoods arranged by color and shape and  cheeses and cheeses and more cheeses. Oh and many stalls of cured meats too. And olives. 






And fruits, dried and fresh and nuts and candies and …




And, I really REALLY love the gazillion languages and accents heard all around you, all the time.

(All photos on this page were borrowed from public domain because my camera battery died.)


One response to “Here are a few of my favorite things, in Barcelona!

  1. Heather in OR

    I am officially jealous! It all sounds just fabulous! Enjoy – Drink it all in as I know you are doing. You are my eyes and ears. Thank you for sharing your wonderful vacation.

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