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Time Flies

It does… time flies whether you’re having fun or not. Remember, we started our bathroom project in early February and here we are at the end of April, still no farther along than we were a month ago.

Ok, that’s not entirely true. We have learned a few things and made a few decisions. We learned that no matter who comes in to finish this job (contractors) they will have have to back track to a point where they feel secure in the current state of the bathroom and comfortable going forward from there. We also learned that the little tiny  bit of money we have left from our renovation budget is not enough to even pay a deposit for anyone. That is where the decisions have come in…

We are going to finish this bathroom ourselves. Yup. And I am betting we can do a much better job that our ex-asshat thieving contractor.

We decided not to rip out the surround and reset the tub, rebuild the surround etc … yet. Last weekend, we scraped away the grout that was cracking and crumbling and caulked with a lovely 100% silicone caulking. It seems to have done the job to prevent water from entering into the surround cavity. The water pools up on the lip of the tub and tumbles into the tub and down the drain. There is still the issue of the front, exterior lip leaking (remember the tub wasn’t leveled or supported) and water still runs out of the tub into the middle of the floor. But, it’s not as much and it seems to be possible to staunch the flow using a strategically placed wash cloth or sponge.

Next up: taking down the wall behind the vanity. We are going to leave the vanity cabinets where they are, poor plumbing and all. We will take down the lights, outlets and switches, and we will cut the wall level with the top edge of the vanity and take it all down. From here, we will red0 the wiring and then rebuild the wall, paint and reinstall (evenly, leveled and measured) the fixtures and lighting. At that point, we should be ready to deal with the company for the granite counter top installation.

After that, we will deal with sanding and repainting the walls, rebuilding the closet and then cleaning up the trim. And voila… basically finished. We will, someday in the future, have the surround and tub taken out and reset, rebuilt etc. But right now we haven’t the money or the expertise to do that, ourselves.

It certainly feel just like – starting over!



I’m sick of my house looking and feeling like a construction zone. I am sick of mopping construction dust every single day. I am sick of navigating my way around boxes and piles and tools, every single day. I am sick of having someone in the house every single effing day. I’m sick of having to drive 15-min away to shower every single day or not getting to shower at all. I am sick of having the ONLY toilet in the house being as far away from my bedroom as it can get and still be in the house. I am especially sick of this at night.

I am SICK & TIRED of this project. It has officially gone on – WAY TOO LONG.

And it’s never going to end.

Here is my advice for the week, get an estimate for how long your project will take IN WRITING but temper this with the understanding that sometimes things take a little longer. It should not take three times as long …but…

When we signed on with this contractor, he said it would take two to three weeks. That’s easy enough to deal with It has been 5 weeks now and we’re 2 days into the 6th week. Unfortunately, C.T. arrives late in the morning, leaves early in the afternoon. This doesn’t leave much time for getting anything finished. Usually something is started or some small thing gets done and there is plenty of chatting and planning and often some shopping thrown in there too. But as for any significant amount of work, well – that doesn’t happen. It’s small things done in fits and starts and that is exactly why we’re into week *&@$-ing six of this project!

And it’s never going to end.

The counter people come tomorrow to template the cabinet tops for the counter tops.  But the cabinets are not yet installed because the tile under the cabinets is not yet sealed because C.T. would like to do a second round of grout which he can’t do until he finishes painting the wall which can’t be done until he sands then primes the spackle spots. (Just for the record, he hasn’t touched the grout, sealer, sand paper or paint today. He’s tiling the bathtub surround which has nothing to do with getting the cabinets installed. Nothing at all.) Is this starting to sound like the House that Jack Built? It is, except it’s the bathroom that C.T. built; is still building.

And it’s never going to end.

And here’s why: C.T. is ONE man doing this job ALONE. So when he needs to run out to the hardware store – the job stops progressing. When he gets sick or has an appointment or needs a couple days off – the job stops. Or when he is laying tile, the walls don’t get painted, the closet doesn’t get built, the door doesn’t get taken off the hinges to be stripped and painted, the fixtures don’t get mounted, the toilet doesn’t get installed. And I spend yet another day schlepping my stinky self 15-minutes away just to have a shower. I have to FULLY wake up in the middle of the night to maneuver down the stairs, through the dark living room, dining room, and kitchen to the little powder room and then back again to my bedroom where I lie awake wondering and worrying about the bathroom.

And it feels like it’s never going to end.


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